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New Year’s Resolution Coming Up!

That's why resolutions are so much fun! They help us see where we are in the spiral of life.
That’s why resolutions are so much fun! They help us see where we are in the spiral of life.

Isn’t it strange how we are so into a particular holiday and then totally forget about it once the day is over?

Such as a New Year’s Resolution one can’t remember by January 17th.

Or Lenten promises for that matter: “I won’t curse.” (F***k, I forgot to get milk!)

Or the birth of a child: I’ll never scream at this precious baby. “You are four-years old and you didn’t make your bed!”

So let’s tackle our last holiday: Thanksgiving.

What did you pronounce in front of family and friends that you were thankful for a few days ago? Do you remember? Are you acting in the spirit of that thankfulness such as thankful for your health but ate up a storm afterwards. Did you really have to have that third piece of pumpkin pie?

Did you say you were thankful for the great family you have and haven’t stopped complaining about them since? Or the incredible wife/husband you have and are considering calling a lawyer?

New Year’s is coming up soon. What will be your New Year’s Resolution that you will be able to remember beyond January 17th? I can’t ever forget mine because it’s always the same thing: Lead a life of balance. It’s been years and I have yet to claim that one but I keep trying.

How? Now that you ask, for me, I make my Balance To Do List every day and make sure I have something physical, spiritual, mental and emotional on that List. That’s on paper. Every day.

That doesn’t mean I keep the balance in my real life. I promised myself I would blog once a week and I haven’t. But I keep making the effort to have a life of balance. You are reading the proof.

And don’t we all also just keep trying? At least once a year we are thankful.

At least once a year by our resolutions we acknowledge the need to transform our foul and/or gorging mouths.

Now if you or I could just make it a few more times a year. If more of us did. We could then be the change we all so long for. One happy, kind, balanced and successful person at a time.

And do you know why it’s important? Because Basta ya! Enough already!

Don’t you agree?

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