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There’s a fire in my belly, like the sun. It’s an original fire I was born with, that drives me, the essence of who I am, to great and wonderful adventures.

There’s a fire in your belly, also, isn’t there, cariño? Others see it, too, but they won’t tell you about it. No siree. Mostly your family. And do you know why? I’ll give you two reasons:

Number one: They don’t want to feel their own fire because then they will have to change and change scares them cacaless.
Number Two: If they see or acknowledge the fire in your belly, they are scared they will lose you. So they keep you near them, at their own low level of existence.
Number Three: Ok, you caught me, there are three reasons. They are afraid for you. That you will go off to Hollywood or who knows where and some bad person will hurt you, even kill you. So they keep you safe. Ignorant and unhappy but safe. Get my drift?

So, beautiful woman, feel the fire in your belly which is another way of saying your dream and the stuff that’s in you to make it happen. Whisper the dream. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s always been there from the very beginning when the sun was created. And when you are ready, yell out your dream! But not in front of those who are afraid. At least not yet. A warning: get yourself ready with all the tools in your tool box of life.

Feel the fire!! NOW!

This is your Grandma Shaman speaking!

And do you know why now?

Because Basta ya! Enough Already!

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