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I was standing yesterday in front of a beautiful painting and I was overwhelmed by the artist’s creativity.

So many people tell me they are not creative as if they were giving me a compliment because as a writer, I am obviously creative.  Do you feel this way?

But, think about it, dear sweet woman, you are indeed very creative.

Let’s the physical, your body. This magnificent body of yours… now, don’t argue with me, your body is magnificent…. It is constantly being creative… rejuvenating blood cells, oxygen (just the right amount) to keep you alive, getting rid of the trash it doesn’t need, making new skin cells so that you have a new body every seven years (I just wish my cells would find different supplier. Mine keep coming up with more wrinkles!).

Seriously. Your body is masterpiece!

Then there are all the tasks you perform during the day that require creativity on your part. They may appear mundane, ordinary even boring. But check them out! Look at how well you do them even though others may complain. One day after a sudden bout of several days of my doing recipes from Julia Child’s French cookbook, Kent, seven at the time, yelled, “When are we going to have real food, like hamburgers!” So, I acquiesced and made hamburgers the next night. Out of Kent’s mouth came, “When are we going to have real hamburgers like at McDonald’s!” Then I knew that no matter what, I was not going to please every member of the crowd at my kitchen table.

So use this creativity to get your life in order, the order you want it to have, fulfilling a bit of your dream one step at a time. That’s why I named my company, “Stepping Stones for Success.” I didn’t expect anybody to be an over-night success but just a pasito at a time, one little step, which will get you to your goal. Just don’t give up when there are times that you fall backwards. Just get back up, wipe off the mud, and keep going.  Dream it, visualize, plan, believe and act! You can do it! And do you know why?

Because I’m your Grandma Shaman and I know your heart, the passion burning inside you. Besides…. It’s time! Because

Basta ya! Enough already!

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