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Who is Dr. Mayra Fernández?


Dr. Mayra Fernandez, Founder and Director of Stepping Stones for Success, is the poster lady for turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. From a childhood that promised only a dead-end barrio life, this feisty, dynamic multi-lingual fireball pulled herself up by the bootstraps, earned a doctoral degree in Multicultural Education from the Jesuit University of San Francisco and went on to become a respected educator noted for her ability to inspire teachers and parents to help their children shine on the standardized tests so critical today to the kids’ academic futures.

With decades of teaching on all levels in both private and public schools and universities plus personal experience as a mother of 17 children (eleven adopted), her extensive brain research has made her parent workshops a viable choice for struggling schools wanting to raise their standardized test scores.

Besides her parent workshops, Dr. Fernandez helps adults set goals and action plans to help them achieve their dreams. A strategist, she is a model of someone who has fulfilled so many of her own dreams in spite of many obstacles.

A livelong learner, educated in six countries and many cultures, Dr. Fernandez travels throughout the world (69 countries to date) listening to people tell their stories and writing about them. Thus far this Best-Selling author has 18 published books plus articles in a variety of genres. She uses that knowledge to help others write and publish their stories through her Wings/Alas, the Latina Writers Workshop.

As Grandma Shaman she encourages others through the written and spoken word to learn to lead a kick-ass life!

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