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Sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with you because they can’t handle what right about you.


I believe that is true. Especially about me.


I confess. Many times these people are telling me the truth. They are usually family or relatives or close friends. They know what button to push and they push hard. I do listen since I want to discover the better me every single day.

But when they say it in a way that sounds manipulative, trying to put me down, controlling, then it smells of something else that has nothing to do with me but with their own pain of unsolved issues.

Does this also happen to you, m’hija? Do people who supposedly love you or care about you start shooting you and your dreams down until there is only the gun powder left? Are you just going to let them bully you?

When one of my teens was maligning me a few days ago, I had her write 20 things that were right about me. I could hardly believe she actually noticed 20 truthful and wonderful qualities I know I definitely possess. She did it screaming and kicking. I don’t know if it did any good… one never knows with teens… but it sure made me feel good.

You may not be able to make them sit down and write even five good things about you… though I recommend you ask,they may surprise you and themselves when they start and can’t stop writing…But if they can’t or won’t for whatever reason, then YOU make a list about the outstanding qualities you feel you have. Then read them aloud to a trusted friend or just look in the mirror at that great face and yes! yell it for all to hear.

And why? Becauase I asked you to. I’m your Grandma Shaman. And you know why else? Because

Basta ya! Enough already!

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