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The Death Wish Uncovered

Wishing for death and I am not talking about attempting suicide, just wishing for your life to end, dear heart, does you no good. It is a form of suicide.

What are those forms besides thinking it? First of all, there are all those addictive behaviors which point to a death wish: alcohol, careless driving, compulsive eating, sex, bingo, compulsive spending and shopping, etc. There are over a hundred of such behaviors. These just tell your beautiful spirit that you are not worthy because eventually they lead to misery and, more times than I care to know, to death.

You are hurting, corazón, but wishing for death sends the wrong signal to the body which has stood you so well all these years. The body will listen to those thoughts and obey them.

So, today, do something to make that body and that spirit happy. Don’t listen to those ass-holes who give you negative feedback, especially if they are your friends or worse yet, your family. Another day we can talk about getting your act together but today I just want to say,
I love you.
You are a miracle!
I love you some more!
You have immeasurable value!

Now go live a kick-ass life!

Why? Because I’m your Grandma Shaman!

Why? Because Basta ya! Enough already!!

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