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I’m going to ask you one simple question today: Have you lost the passion for your dream, cariño? Does it appear so? Would you like it back? Sorry I asked three questions.

Actually, you’ve never really lost your passion. You were born with it. We are all born with it. It’s part of our DNA. Have you ever heard a newborn’s cry? Now, that’s passion! But slowly we lose our connection with this passion. We stop crying because nobody will hear us and pay attention to our needs. We learn to be self-sufficient which can be another word for isolated.

Is that you, my sweet? Disappointed so many times when you shared your dream, called all kinds of names (mine was “loca”) that you decided to keep it hidden, waiting for “some day” to unearth it. It’s been inside you so long that  like a plant without oxygen and sun and rain, you now feel your dream appears withered. Dead.

But, querida, your dream is not a plant. Your dream, my daughter, is not dead. Dreams are energy. Your passion for it when you conceived it is energy. Remember the law in physics:

Energy cannot be destroyed!

Your dream is a-l-i-v-e!

All these years deep inside you, it’s just been waiting. Waiting for your Yes!  Like your passion your Yes! doesn’t have to be resounding and loud. The passion for your dream can wake up with a simple whisper, like the gentle kiss of the prince in Sleeping Beauty.

Take a few minutes today and write down your dream. Your vision. Whisper it. Dance with it. Sing to it. Be open to its message. Trust your heart with it and for a while, trust nobody else  until you and and your dream are strong enough to withstand anybody or anything that stands in the way, until you have found fellow dreamers who support you, until you are grounded in your deepest self.

And do you know why? Because I believe in you and I love you, corazón.

Dream, Always Dream
Dream, Always Dream

I’m your Grandma Shaman and it’s Basta ya! Enough already!

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