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Happy Easter from Grandma Shaman!

Happy Easter from Grandma Shaman!

1958277_1200211343340821_7915854517554814204_nIt is said by wise sages that one must never talk about religion or politics and yet today it is all we hear about.

I don’t want to add to the bevy of today’s harsh and self-righteous voices.

But on March 19th at 09:30:12 PM exactly started the Persian New Year and I just want to say a few words about it.

For the Iranians, Spring is the beginning of new things in nature and in life. So they celebrate Norouz , the Persian New Year, with their families and good things to eat. There are over 1,560,000 Persians living in the United States mostly here in the Los Angeles area. The 140,000 Baha’I and the more than 45,000 the Kurds and Zoroastrians living in the US also celebrated the New Year.

Happy belated New Year, dear friends.

A good portion of the peoples of the Americas will celebrate the festival of Spring on March 27th. We call it Easter, a celebration of dying for one’s friends and bringing life to them under the mantel of our beloved Jesus Christ whom we Christians consider God and Savior.

Because we are a multi-cultural society we bring our own traditions to the New World, just like the Persians in the US do in their New Year. The Ukrainians brought over their gorgeous Easter eggs for example. In some parts of the US especially in New York City we have the Easter parade.

Dressed in our Easter finery, all made by her, occasionally my mother would take us down New York’s Fifth Avenue and watch the other ladies in the most outlandish and cleverly designed Easter hats. It was so exciting.

What and how do you celebrate Easter? Have you brought the customs of your ancestors to your Easter life? Please post your Easter traditions in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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