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Mayra Fernandez, a published author of ten children’s books plus eight others in different genres and herself the mother of 17 children (11 adopted) will be giving a workshop to Latina writers and prospective writers here in Long Beach.

“There is a lack of Latina themed books for children and adults.  I am looking for totally committed Latinas from ages 12 and up who are passionate about their stories and just need a little guidance.  I’m also looking for seasoned writers who just want to be in the company of fellow Latina writers like themselves. We create wonderful energy together.”

For these passionate Latina writers there are no excuses such as busy schedules or lack of time or space or even lack of money.  When you are passionate about your dream, you find a way to make it happen. This is one of Dr. Fernandez’ motto.

“I wrote all of my children’s books in the bathroom at five in the morning. I’d sit on the toilet, top down, use the clothes hamper as my desk and type away on an old Toshiba laptop a friend gave me.”  Passionate writers accept no excuses, another of Mayra’s Mottoes.

Her first book, Barrio Teacher, she self-published after the LA Riots.  “No school had been touched so I wanted the world to know what our schools provided to the kids in these crisis ridden neighborhoods. Only poetry could convey this message. I sold 4,000 books within a few months promoting them all by myself.  That book led to a publisher calling to write three biographies in English and in Spanish of famous US Latinas but I talked them into four which led to more writing contracts.

“In the workshop, I will also share the different ways writers can get their work published in today’s literary market but mostly we will be writing using what I call the Mayra Method. Writers of all genres can be writing in their particular way.

I want to reach not only children’s writers. I have had a musical play produced, a spiritual book published, memoir, an e-book, poetry, newspaper writer, contributed to textbooks, short story, self-help books, workbooks for my parent workshops and I will share with the writers how to use their unique talents and their ideas with their families or the world.

Latinas who have taken my workshops have succeeded in getting jobs as writers, getting work published or even just the sparks of creativity that led to better decisions for their lives.”

The workshop is offered here in Long Beach, March 15-17th 2019. For more information



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