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Believe Dance Energize

We were promised rain today and we believed it. Why not believe? The clouds were dark this morning.

But as it turned out, there was no rain. And the five-year drought continues in Southern California.

It reminds me of my life. Perhaps even your life.

People, well-meaning people, usually family and best friends, say that your project, your dream is not going to go well at all, that it’s the wrong economy, wrong timing, you don’t have the talent for it, etc. Nothing new. These predictions and comments have resonated inside your own head and tortured you for some time. They are the black clouds.

So, I have a choice…. I can look up and just focus on the black clouds or I can just look in front of me and focus on my life.

It is up to me. Always has been.

In any case, scientifically the black clouds contain the rain. All we have to do is either do the rain dance and believe or send some cataclysmic energy to rupture those clouds and have sweet pouring rain fall on the seeds of your dream. Spring, your spring, is around the corner.

In any case, it did rain after all. It just took its time. Nature has its own clock work.

In the meantime, this is your Grandma Shaman telling you…. Believe, dance, energize. Why?

Because Basta ya! Enough already!

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