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April Fool’s: Las Vegas

April Fool’s: Las Vegas

4672316481_7e68157652_bI am passing through Las Vegas on my way to visit with my son in Utah. Right in the middle of the desert there’s this city that at first ordinary people like you and me, decided, for whatever reason, to make the desert their home, to make the desert bloom. And they have!

Later the casinos were built. Much later.

Las Vegas is not just about gambling and concerts. In that desert town, right now, there are real people who have homes, watch TV, shop at their local supermarkets. Their kids go to school. They made the desert bloom for them. For their children and their children’s children. That’s what goals and dreams are about!

But there are false dreams, as well. Las Vegas is full of them. People wander in the streets with glassy eyes. They had had dreams of hitting the jackpot. They’ve spent all their money and have nowhere to go. Once my friends and I missed our plane and we wandered, too. We were not allowed to sleep on the chairs or lovely couches in the different hotels and gambling casinos. We didn’t want to pay the outlandish last-hour hotel fees either. So we wandered with the gamblers who had lost al their money. False hope of catching our plane. False dream of hitting the jackpot.

So, dear sister, do you have false dreams? Like those that you feel with a press of a button you can make millions. Dreams take practice and total commitment. You can’t make the desert bloom without them.

Where is your desert and how can you make it bloom for you and your children and your children’s children. When are you going to decide to make your desert bloom?

It starts with the dream, then a decision, then a Step. And another. And another. Keep taking them. Don’t wander around lost.

I trust in you. Share your dream in the comments below and that first step with me.


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