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April Fools 2016

April Fools 2016

IMG_2845April 1, 2016

This is the place where I currently write most of my work.  With me is Ash, my daughter Emily’s dog who in this photo shows him with his dunce cap because of his recent operation.

This photo like most photos if looked at with the inner eye tells much about whom the protagonist is. I am smiling because I do love to write and it is my daughter who takes the photo and I love my daughter. The dog looks on with adulation because that is the kind of love I was introduced to as true love when I was rescued from the jaws of certain death as a toddler. But he doesn’t really adulate me. He is Emily’s dog.

The background is real. It is the beach and the dream come true since childhood that I live by the beach.

As you can see from this photo, there is no room for another person there. It is obvious I am not ready to share my bed. But today, I am making room, little by little for that special someone I feel so sure I am now ready for. It’s taken a lot of work.

So I turn to you and ask a few questions for April Fools. First of all you are not a fool and neither am I although I have done foolish things and didn’t have to wait for April First. It sometimes is quite a tradition for me year round.

I ask you: what kind of love do you define as love for you? My needing adulation had broken my heart many a times. That love is short-lived.

The other question is where is there room in your heart, in your bed for that person you say you need and want?

The third question… so many things come in thirds… is when is your dream place going to come true? And what are you doing to make that happen?

They are not trick questions. And they are not questions for fools, either.

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