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It’s Time to Sail!

If one knows not what harbor one seeks, any wind is the right wind.

Roman philosopher Seneca had a point. I’m a city girl and don’t know that much about sailboats except that it’s the wind that makes the vessel move and it’s the sailor who must adjust the sails according to the pattern of the wind and her destination.

It’s the same with life.  Point A is where you are in your journey toward your goal. Point B is where you are going, the goal, the dream. A=Here. B=There. Simple.

Point A: “I’m in Brea, California, a small city outside Los Angeles.” But is that sufficient for Point A? Do you believe in your quest for a better life? Have you defined your purpose in order to attain what you want? Do you have the tools, such as a plan of action, finances, a team to get you to your destination, your point B?  Point A in life encompasses much more than just a place. Point A en-compass-es a place and an inner compass.

my sailboat

          Your Point B is also up to you to describe. What is your dream? What do you want to achieve? There it is in front, perhaps w-a-y in front, hardly visible to the human eye. But there nevertheless. Your Point B is your dream.

Do you know the “right wind” Seneca alludes to? Are your sails ready to do their job? Are you dizzy going around in a circle? Are you tired of that circle?

Then, m’hija, look at the compass well, feel the wind against your face and filling your sails, breathe in the deep and pure air. I’m excited for you. All Grandma Shaman’s granddaughters are excited for you, cheering you on. You are not alone. Go for it! Blow your captain’s whistle, sailor! Land ho!

Why? Because it’s time, amorcito. I’m your Grandma Shaman and I love you.

And do you know another reason why? Because

Basta ya! Enough already!

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